Pro Series - Surf-Fit Performance Mat
Pro Series - Surf-Fit Performance Mat
Pro Series - Surf-Fit Performance Mat
Pro Series - Surf-Fit Performance Mat
Pro Series - Surf-Fit Performance Mat
Pro Series - Surf-Fit Performance Mat
Pro Series - Surf-Fit Performance Mat
Pro Series - Surf-Fit Performance Mat

Pro Series - Surf-Fit Performance Mat


Experience the World's FIRST Precision Surf Trainer developed on the North Shore of Oahu for offseason dry-land surf training. 


Join the Pro Trainer Surf Ohana and experience how Innovative and fun, functional dry-land surf fitness can drastically improve your in-water performance. The world's first precision surf trainer leverages a host of different types of addicting and extremely effective fitness styles that leverage years of research and new, custom drills that make working out fun again! Once you combine it with the real-time body positioning and performance tracking, it immediately turns boring exercises into motivational purpose-driven training.

The key to the Surf-Fit Performance Mats incredible results is the science and continued research and testing behind the micro and macro movements that make up the foundation of Pro Trainer Surf's multi-year Neuromuscular Programming Research.  This is paving the way for a new surf training methodology of Precision Repetition, which quite literally, teaches your body how to correctly surf.

Similar to driving ranges for golf and batting cages for baseball, the mat enables you to remove the guesswork from your stance, body positioning, timing and pop-up. Allowing for the first time ever, true neuromuscular development that directly translates to drastically improving your surfing. 

Surfing is easy, learning, and improving is hard, we make that easy too. Pro Trainer Surf has dedicated years reverse-engineering the complex movements of surfing and broke them down into easy to learn drills that allow you to track your improvements. By isolating, strengthening, and conditioning these unique movements and muscle groups, not only are you teaching your body how to properly surf, but you are also deconstructing bad habits, and find 

your perfect stance and body positioning, which will develop the proper muscle memory, flexibility, coordination, strength, and speed needed to master the waves.

Additionally, you'll quickly learn that this style of fitness is extremely new, addicting, innovative, effective, and most importantly, FUN! 

"Most longtime surfers will tell you that it is not the ability to ride the wave that fades with long layoffs, but the ever-critical need to get to your feet and your surf stance quickly. ...I was more nervous than I had ever been, even on the largest of swells, as I contemplated what lay ahead. What if I had irretrievably lost my ability to get to my feet and ride a wave? ...A few years ago, I found I could barely get to my feet and fell on nearly every wave I attempted riding. This time, thanks to my workout regimen (+ Surf-Fit Performance Mat), things were different."
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Whether you are a seasoned surfer or have never touched the water, the new Pro Trainer Surf System is a new angle on fitness guaranteed to get the blood moving and sweat dripping while drastically improving your surfing!  

The Workouts:
+ Infuses yoga with high energy precision drills
+ Improves flexibility, agility, and total body coordination
+ Builds strength & melts fat while having fun!

The Surf Benefits:
+ Master the movements of surfing
+ Learn & perfect your pop-up and stance
+ Each workout is like catching 50 waves!

-“...This is something the surf industry has needed for a long time,” states legendary big wave surfer and world record holder, Ken Bradshaw, adding, “...their research is unlike anything I've ever seen, and for the mat..., every serious surfer should have one of these..., but, every beginner needs one of these!”

The one-of-a-kind, patented design is placed on a custom, extra-large, extra-wide, extra-thick, 84" L x 36" W x 1/4" H fitness mat, made from a brand new proprietary eco-friendly material

(Patented 2019) that is stronger, softer, and lasts, nearly 5Xs longer than traditional yoga mats.   

All orders will receive a FREE, Pro Trainer Surf Pre-Launch 'Ohana VIP Membership Pass'. Meaning you will receive all videos, programs, and workouts for life. Currently, upon ordering you will receive access to drill breakdown videos and recorded live, classes to get you started. Pro Trainer Surf will officially "Launch" once we have completed our full production workouts and videos that will effectively complete the first series of the Pro Trainer Surf System. 100% of ALL Pre-Launch Mats sale revenues and profits go directly into the Pro Trainer Surf system and launch! 

Join our VIP Ohana FREE today and let's make working out fun, purpose-driven, and make our surf & fitness dreams finally come true.



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Introducing The Aloha ʻĀina Eco Mat! Change Starts Here! 

The new Pro Series, Surf-Fit Performance Mats are made with a brand new proprietary eco-friendly material that far exceeds the traction, strength, and durability of traditional yoga mats. This mat was specifically engineered for high-intensity workouts yielding an entirely new set of standards for the future of workout yoga mats. With the Antibacterial Protective Layer and Anti-fatigue Non-slip Texture, this extra thick Patented yoga workout mat will be the last yoga mat you'll ever need. It's Recyclable, Latex Free, Non-toxic, SGS/ TUV Approved, 19P Free Certified, and ready to make your surf and fitness dreams come true.

More information and Product Details Coming Soon! Get yours now and join the new testing group and enjoy the perks! 


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