Who is Pro Trainer Surf?

Christy and Nathan Goodson founders and inventors of the Pro trainer surf system

The Pro Trainer Surf Mission

To spread the aloha and incredible health benefits of surfing to anyone and everyone around the world by offering the world's first precision surf training tools along with our extremely innovative and fun educational fitness programs.  Our mission is to remove the boring from home and gym workouts, to motivate, to inspire confidence, and ultimately, to enable fitness and surf dreams to come true regardless of age, ability or location.

What did we do? 

We have created the world's first “Learn to Surf at Home” system where our users can avoid the embarrassment, pitfalls, and novice mistakes of the traditional “sink or swim” learning methods. Our clients master 80% of surfing before even touching the water. By reverse engineering the dynamic movements of surfing, we were able to create a one-of-a-kind home fitness system that is highly addictive, effective and fun! Our Patent Pending Surf-Fit Performance mats are the only product on the market which help people learn, practice and perfect their pop-up; the most challenging motion in surfing and the leading cause to wiping out. We combined cutting edge, dynamic fitness drills to train the body to move with precision while building the muscle memory for fundamental performance in strength, power, stamina, and flexibility to master the movements of surfing with confidence. We are the only surf fitness program that is portable, accessible, and approachable for anyone to be used anywhere.

We are the world’s first learn to surf and train from home company that leverages our Patent Pending Surf-Fit Performance Mats and innovative videos to drive unprecedented results in a fun and effective fitness system with a purpose. 

Learning how to surf, improving your surf fitness or mastering surfing. These all require waves, expensive equipment, lessons, repetition etc. Learning to Surf is intimidating, humiliating and an extremely humbling experience. NOT ANY MORE! 

We challenged the entire surfing and fitness ecosystem by cracking the "Human Code" in the surfing formula. We have isolated and broken down the most complex movements in surfing into easy to learn drills and built up an entire fitness system around them that has so far in our test groups driven incredible results. 

From a 39 year old who has tried surfing over 2 dozen times over the span of 2 decades and has never been able to properly stand or surf even after thousands of dollars in lessons and equipment, to popping up in his first attempt after only 1 week with the Surf-Fit Performance mat training. This is only one of several testimonials that are coming out of our test groups.

Nathan Godson Surfing pics founder of pro trainer surf surf fit performance mat

We currently believe that our system will enable the non-surfer or beginner to reduce their learning curb by up to 80% and improve at an accelerated rate of 10Xs that of traditional learning and training methods alone. Additionally, we have found that over 50% of all "crashes" , for ALL surfers, occur due to poor pop-technique including, too slow, too fast, bad foot positioning, landing too far forward / backwards / off center etc. This is exactly what our product fixes. For good to great surfers our system works as a precision tooling platform driving perfect technique through measurable repetition drills and much more. 

We look forward to hearing your success stories with Pro Trainer Surf! 

Mahalo and Fight On! Nathan and Christy Goodson - Pro Trainer Surf Founders. 

The Surf-Fit Performance Mat- Overview and a few drill samples, Enjoy!