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Standing up quickly and in the right spot can be the main difference between getting a good ride or going over the falls.

  "I understand the challenges of helping surfers improve. I also realize that busy schedules rarely allow for hours a day of surf time. Still, I doubted that surfing could be learned at home. Minutes after the Surf-Fit Performance Mat was unrolled, I changed my mind. I am now convinced that the inventors, Nate and Christy Goodson, have, with the help of other surfers like big-wave legend Ken Bradshaw, cracked this difficult code and come up with a portable, inexpensive product perfect to improve surfing" Chris Ahrens Mahalo Chris for the awesome review in the Seaside Courier on the Surf-Fit Performance Mat! 

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Pro Trainer Surf's First Press Release Announcing Their "SOFT" Launch at the Boardroom Show in Delmar

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release Contact: Nathan Goodson | Pro Trainer Surf Co-Founder INTRODUCING THE WORLD’S FIRST HOME PRECISION SURF TRAINER Pro Trainer Surf says “it has cracked the ‘human code’ in the surfing formula enabling anyone, anywhere at any age to learn how to surf 80% faster from their living room while enjoying an extremely new and fun way to workout!” What is it? If you have ever wanted to learn how to surf or been interested in improving your technique,  you now can regardless of your age, health, strength, and even your location. And no, we are not talking about Kelly Slater's new wave pool. “You can now learn to surf from your living room,” says Nathan Goodson,...

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