Passionate about helping people achieve their dreams? Pro Trainer Surf Seeking Instructors, Spokesmen, Investors and More...

Pro Trainer Surf looking for experts and investors to forever change surfing
Experts Wanted
If you are as passionate about helping people achieve their dreams as we are, we may have a spot for you! We are looking for fitness, yoga & surf instructors and spokesmen/spokeswoman, video production gurus, content creators, and investors who have startup experience and are ready to forever change the way people learn and train for surfing! 

We Need Your Help!
Pro Trainer Surf started out as a research project on the North Shore of Oahu to maximize dryland training routines for professional surfers however, once we applied a few of the breakthroughs drills to "regular" people, we discovered that we stumbled onto something much bigger. Since then we have made hundreds of surf and fitness dreams come true and now it's time to fully launch Pro Trainer Surf and we need your help! Every penny that Pro Trainer Surf takes in, from pre launch mat sales and pre orders goes right back into the product and projects needed for a full launch but, there is much still to be done.

How Can You Help? 
  • Has Pro Trainer Surf made one of your dreams come true? Great! Share your awesome surfing or fitness story with friends and family!
  • Invest your time and/or money, reap great rewards! Are you passionate about helping people, building brands and are an expert in what you do? Or maybe you just want to own part of an incredible startup that will forever change the way people learn and train for surfing? Either way, we are looking for exceptional people and partners to join our team, are you one of them? Lets meet!
We are 1000% dedicated to our mission, and we will not stop until we achieve it, join us! 

The Pro Trainer Surf Mission: 
To spread the aloha and incredible health benefits of surfing to anyone and everyone around the world by offering the world's first precision surf training tools along with our extremely innovative and fun educational fitness programs.  Our mission is to remove the boring from home and gym workouts, to motivate, to inspire confidence, and ultimately, to enable fitness and surf dreams to come true regardless of age, ability or location.