NEW Color Added!

Our Pre-Launch Ohana members have been requesting a new color for a while. I don't know why, we love the GYM black because the Surf-Fit Performance Mat is not just another yoga or fitness mat, it is a powerful piece of workout equipment that changes lives. Think about it, its not just a cool surfer themed printed yoga mat, its a half a decade of the brightest minds in surfing and fitness brought together to innovate, measure, track, test, sweat, pop-up, cry and even bleed a bit here and there. The research begun on the North Shore of Oahu and the continued research has extended around the globe. We are still innovating, measuring, tracking, testing, sweating,... etc. etc. ... until we get this right.

It is effective because of the intensity, effectiveness and innovation of the drills. I mean, we tracked nearly 4000 pop-ups to prove our #PrecisionRepetition methodology. This sets it apart from anything else out there. Its thick, its soft, its long and wide, its incredible and when you use it, you'll know why. Its enables people to do some pretty cool full body, full extension drills without getting hurt, dirty or running the risk of it moving, shifting, rolling or slipping. These are just a few reasons we needed a color to set it apart from all other yoga or fitness mats. We love our gym black because we don't exercise, we TRAIN!

With that all said, the pre-launch Ohana VIP's ( everyone who has invested into one of our mats) have spoken, they want a new color! So, we short listed a bunch of colors we liked, made some samples, took pictures, and let the VIP's Vote!

Pro Trainer Surf Fit Performance Mat color options that were voted down, did not make the 2020 launch list. Check out the color that did, Waimea Blue!  

We will be launching 1 new color for the full 2020 launch, and NONE of these colors won the votes to be added, so say hi, and bye, to these options, maybe 2021?

The brand new color has been named Waimea Blue, which will make its grand premier soon! Best part is, this is a part of our brand new launch line of ECO Friendly mats using brand new, patented material that is just incredible and far better then any other yoga or fitness mat in the world (TBD, currently, just our opinion). 

What is incredible is that we have already added the new color option on the website  and dozens of people have already selected it, sight unseen! Does that mean they just don't like the black? Don't answer that...

Out of curiosity, which of these do you like the most? Let us know! 

BTW- We posted the new color to our instagram, check it out! @ProTrainerSurf