Indo Board and Pro Trainer Surf Join Forces For Camp Shred!



Indo Board and Pro Trainer Surf Join Forces For Camp Shred.

Camp Shred, the world’s largest surf demo presented by SURFER and Surf Ride, returns to San Elijo Campground in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Ca., this weekend March 11-12. As with the years prior, Camp Shred will feature all of the top surfing brands, sharing their newest shapes and designs. However, this year, there is an added perk for event goers, a dedicated Surf Fitness and Surf Training Demo Site.

Industry leader in balance training, Indo Board, along with the creator of the world’s first dry-land precision surf training system, Pro Trainer Surf, have come together to create the Ultimate Surf-Fitness Demo area.Trainers will be leading free surf yoga and surf fitness classes at sunrise and sunset, as well as all day free product demos and workouts. Event goers will be able to experience and try out the best advances in dry-land surf fitness and training all in one place.

“As a lifelong surfer and expert in surf training, the first time I saw the Pro Trainer Surf products, I was  skeptical to its effectiveness, but after a few workouts with their products and learning more about their research and testing, I believe their approach is nothing less than revolutionary, especially for beginner surfers.” said Hunter Joslin, Creator of the Indo Board line of products. He continued “I am very excited to work with the Pro Trainer Surf Team, because together, we have the first complete, all angles approach to enabling anyone, anywhere, to achieve their full surfing potential from home.”

It is well documented that functional balance training improves, balance, coordination, neuromuscular response, postural awareness and proprioception. When Indo Board is combined with the Pro Trainer Surf System’s innovative surf-specific, precision repetition drills they may have one of the best, well rounded, surf training programs available. This weekend you can try them both out at one location at Camp Shred, Site #49. We also reached out to the Co-Founder of Pro Trainer Surf, Nathan Goodson who said, “I had my first Indo Board in High School nearly 20 years ago, so when I found out the owner was interested in learning more about our products, I was bouncing off the walls with excitement,” he continued,  “This is INDO BOARD!  A brand whose products have helped just about everyone I know improve their surfing, skating, snowboarding and to say it's an honor to work with them at this event, is an understatement!”

Surfing as a sport presents a host of unique challenges, the most prominent is you need waves to surf, but with companies like Indo Board and Pro Trainer Surf, you no longer need waves to learn or improve. It is clear to see, there are a lot of people taking advantage of their products to do just that. Come out to Camp Shred this weekend and experience what these two great companies have to offer as well as a host of other attractions, live music, food and surf products!

About Indo Board
Indo Board was founded in 1998 with the mission of bringing the fun and benefits of balance training to everyone. The Original Indo (derived from the word indoor) Board was designed to be used indoors so that everyone from kids to professional surfers to senior adults could enjoy the benefits of balance training and balance board exercises.   The Indo Board, with its simple yet functional design, has been used and endorsed by countless Olympic Medalists, World Champions and professional athletes all over the globe.  The Indo Board is found in the U.S. Olympic Training Centers, fitness centers, professional training facilities and the best physical therapy and rehabilitation centers in the world.  The Indo Board can be used for countless exercises that not only improve balance but can increase core strength, improve posture and create a stronger and more stable kinetic chain.  Indo Boards are also used widely with stand up desks to get people out of their chairs and into a more healthy and beneficial standing work station.  The Indo Board is the best known, best built and most respected balance board brand on the market.  Don’t settle for an imitation when it comes to your balance training. Choose Indo Board; recognized as the #1 balance board on the market in an independent November 2016 Review!

About Pro Trainer Surf

Pro Trainer Surf, a new surf fitness company located in Oahu, Hawaii, and San Diego, California, is a company that cares about spreading the aloha and the incredible health benefits of surfing. They have challenged the entire surfing and fitness ecosystem by cracking the "human code"​ in the surfing formula; this program allows anyone, anywhere, to isolate and break down the most complex movements in surfing into easy to learn drills performed on a patent-pending Surf-Fit Performance Mat. Their product and fitness system drives precision guidance by combining elements of surfing, yoga, and muscle memory. With precision repetition that focuses on flexibility, strength, speed, balance, and endurance, the system allows surfers of all levels to dramatically improve their performance.