Pro Trainer Surf's First Press Release Announcing Their "SOFT" Launch at the Boardroom Show in Delmar


Press Release

Contact: Nathan Goodson | Pro Trainer Surf Co-Founder


Pro Trainer Surf says “it has cracked the ‘human code’ in the surfing formula enabling anyone, anywhere at any age to learn how to surf 80% faster from their living room while enjoying an extremely new and fun way to workout!”

What is it?

If you have ever wanted to learn how to surf or been interested in improving your technique,  you now can regardless of your age, health, strength, and even your location. And no, we are not talking about Kelly Slater's new wave pool. “You can now learn to surf from your living room,” says Nathan Goodson, co-founder of Pro Trainer Surf, an innovative new surf training and fitness company founded on the North Shore of Oahu. Pro Trainer Surf has recently moved to San Diego for their product and company launch. Nathan adds, “The Pro Trainer Surf System is designed to improve total body coordination and muscle memory through precision repetition with extremely fun, innovative drills, custom yoga flows, and other heart pounding workouts performed on our patent pending Pro Trainer Surf’s Surf-Fit Performance Mats. This program has been meticulously designed through reverse engineering every movement of surfing”.

Sound too good to be true?

During their two years of prototypes, test groups, research and development, while working with the world's top surfers, surf coaches, and fitness experts in Hawaii, the founders were able to gain some big name endorsements. “This is something the surf industry has needed for a long time,” says  Ken Bradshaw, legendary big wave surfer and professional surf coach. He adds, “Every serious surfer should have one, but every beginner needs one of these,” referring to the patent pending Pro Trainer Surf’s Surf-Fit Performance Mat, Pro Trainer Surf’s first market ready product.

How does it work?

I think everyone can agree that learning how to surf may be one of the most awkward, humiliating, and humbling experiences in their lives, especially when learning later in life. “Think of a batting cage or driving range for baseball and golf --that's what we are for surfing!” says Co-Founder Christy Goodson, she continued “Surfing is just like any other sport, you have to learn the movements, build the strength and establish the muscle memory and the only way to do this is through precision repetition”. Which before now has only been able to be executed in the water.

What sets it apart?

Unless you are fortunate enough to live by the beach and have the time to paddle and practice everyday, this is a great solution to drastically improve your surfing, plus get a great home workout to get and stay in shape. While combining surfing, fitness and yoga is nothing new. Their product adds precision guidance, allowing their users to learn proper body positioning, hand placement, feet placement, as well as the correct repetitive movements while executing the drills and workout. This translates directly into surfing which for Pro Trainer Surf’s users, cuts the learning curve by almost 80% and allows their customers to improve at a rate of almost 10 times faster than the traditional “sink or swim” surf training methods.

Where to find them.

If you would like to check out and demo the patent pending Surf Mats, you can go to The Boardroom Show in Del Mar May 14th-15th Booth G24, where Pro Trainer Surf is officially launching their first set of products; they even have mats for children! Price for the Surf Fit Performance Mats, Pro Series  are set at $129, however, they will have a trade show special of $99 while supplies last. If that does not fit your schedule, then you can go to one of their surf fitness classes popping up around San Diego and up the California coast and soon be able to purchase online and watch live video training sessions. Co-Founder Christy Goodson personally teaches a class every Saturday at 10:30am at Baja Body fitness club in Oceanside.

About Pro Trainer Surf

Pro Trainer Surf, a new surf fitness company located in Oahu, Hawaii, and San Diego, California, is a company that cares about spreading the aloha and the incredible health benefits of surfing. They have challenged the entire surfing and fitness ecosystem by cracking the "human code"​ in the surfing formula; this program allows anyone, anywhere to isolate and break down the most complex movements in surfing into easy to learn drills performed on a patent-pending Surf-Fit Performance Mat. Their product and fitness system drives precision guidance by combining elements of surfing, yoga, and muscle memory. With precision repetition that focuses on flexibility, strength, speed, balance, and endurance, the system allows surfers of all levels to dramatically improve their performance.

Pro Trainer Surf , has a built-in give back program, focused on ocean cleanup and childhood obesity.


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