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NEW Color Added!

We will be launching one new color for the full 2020 summer launch, and NONE of these colors won the votes to be added, so say hi, and bye, to these options, maybe 2021? Check out the new color! 

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Camp Shred- Making Surf & Fitness Dreams Come True!

Making Surf & Fitness Dreams Come True!  One of the greatest feelings is knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life for the better. I am on a natural high from this weekend knowing that everyone who visited our campsite and demoed the Surf-fit Performance Mat left with a little more knowledge about how to improve their surfing and/or overall fitness. Doing Pro Trainer Surf precision drills on the mat for 10-15 mins a day/ several times a week will build the muscle memory needed to succeed out in the water AND it is a FUN new way to workout. Summer is right around the corner and I know everyone who went home this weekend with a mat will...

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Passionate about helping people achieve their dreams? Pro Trainer Surf Seeking Instructors, Spokesmen, Investors and More...

Experts WantedIf you are as passionate about helping people achieve their dreams as we are, we may have a spot for you! We are looking for fitness, yoga & surf instructors and spokesmen/spokeswoman, video production gurus, content creators, and investors who have startup experience and are ready to forever change the way people learn and train for surfing! Learn More...

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